What Channel Is ESPN On DirecTV?

what channel is ESPN on directv

DirecTV offers access to the most popular sports channel ESPN, telecasting a wide range of live sports and events to viewers. If you are wondering what channel is ESPN on DirecTV? here is an exact answer for you.

I know that your entertainment channel lineup is incomplete without ESPN, especially if you are a sports lover. AT&T understands the significance of including the channel ESPN in its satellite and streaming services to attract more customers. I think such good decisions make them distinctive.

The channel numbers 206 and 1206 are ESPN on DirecTV. Put the channel number 206/1206 and enjoy your favorite sports events (Live and replay. If you are using DirecTV streaming service, you can directly select the ESPN icon to launch the streaming.

No matter where you are located in the US or Canada, you can access Entertainment and sports programming network on DirecTV’s satellite receiver using this channel number.

How to get ESPN on DirecTV Via Satellite?

Three channels packages offer ESPN channel on your DirecTV satellite. They are Entertainment, MAS ULTRA, and LO MAXIMO. If you have a limited budget, and watch sports events than other movies or TV shows categories, it’s enough to choose the ENTERTAINMENT package.

Remind:- Recently, DirecTV added ESPN on more packages like PREMIUM, CHOICE, etc. So, please compare the packages along with their monthly price and then choose accordingly.

The quality of content streaming may vary based on the channel package you are using. If your smart TV supports 4K video quality, you can select higher packages. I think you may have smart TVs that support 4K streaming if you have bought them recently.

Costs of channel packages

  • Entertainment – 64.99$
  • Choice – 69.99$
  • Ultimate – 84.99$
  • Premiere – 134.99$

How to stream ESPN on smart devices Via DirecTV?

If you are a DirecTV streaming subscriber, you can download the DirecTV app from the respective app stores. The links are here.

  1. For Android
  2. For iOS

Once you download and install, open the application. Then sign in with your DirecTV user ID and password. And watch ESPN live actions on the go. Possibly, you can watch streaming in 4K resolution, and all you need to provide is a high-speed internet connection.

what an opportunity!

You won’t be at home when your favorite live sports events start.

The major professional leagues in the united states and Canada such as MLB, NBA, NFL, etc can be accessed through DirecTV and ESPN.

Streaming Live sports actions through the ESPN app

If you don’t have a DirecTV streaming subscription, there’s no need to worry. You can still access streaming services through the ESPN application as well.

By their official mobile app, get the content on your smart mobile devices and smart TVs. The Roku streaming stick, box, or built-in smart TV users can access the channel Via enabling the channel store. And this is the best method for cord-cutting and accessing ESPN on your TV.

There are subscription charges for streaming ESPN exclusively through their official app.

What is ESPN Plus? Is this available through the DirecTV satellite?

ESPN Plus is an enhanced channel package that has thousands of exclusive content like live events, original studio shows, acclaimed series, etc. ESPN Plus is not available through DirecTV satellite and other local cable networks, but it is only accessible through streaming platforms and their exclusive streaming application.

In another way, you can stream it from their official website too on a computer.

So, do you have a question Does ESPN Plus available on DirecTV streaming service?

No, this is a stand-alone service offered by ESPN through their official website and mobile application.


Get the ESPN channel on your DirecTV satellite with channel number 206. If misses in this put 1206. I’ll update the post whenever any changes in the Direct TV channels lineup.

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