How To Reset Shark Ion Robot Vacuum? [2 Simple Methods]

How to reset shark ion robot vacuum

When it comes to smartly cleaning your home, your vacuum cleaner should also have smart features. The Shark Ion Robot is a prime example of such a cleaner, offering exceptional features compared to traditional vacuum cleaners.

As you know, it comes equipped with sensors to detect obstacles and cliff detection to prevent falls. In the event of any issues or glitches during operation, a simple reset is often sufficient to swiftly resolve them.

So, how to reset Shark Ion Robot?

There are two methods to reset your Shark Ion robot. In the first method, press and hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds. Then, leave it untouched for 15 seconds before turning it back ON. Alternatively, you can reset it easily through the Shark Clean mobile app.

It’s necessary to keep your Vacuum cleaner error-free. Even though it can work even with small bugs on it, it can cause less cleaning when it’s not fully functional. So, resetting is worth bringing the original working condition.

When you should reset your Shark Ion Robot Vacuum?

In any case, if your Shark Ion Robot shows any unexpected behaviors, particularly those related to software, you can simply reset it to its factory settings to resolve them.

Some of the common issues the users are getting are as follows.

  • When your Shark Ion Robot not connecting to the WiFi or mobile app:- This is a common issue you can experience. It may happen when any vulnerability occurs in the software application. or other factors like network issues. If your network is good and still showing the issue, resetting would help to solve it.
  • When the Shark Robot map not updating:- If your vacuum cleaner is not mapping or not updating, you need to reset the device.
  • To fix software-related issues:- Software malfunctions like mapping issues, end of cleaning cycle, automatic turn off and turn ON issue, etc.
  • Incomplete cleaning:- When the device not cleaning the entire portions you mapped on and stopped cleaning, you can perform a hard reset.

Two methods to reset Shark Ion Robot

  1. Through Shark Robot Vacuum (Using POWER button)
  2. Using Shark Clean mobile app

Both methods are easy, but if your Vacuum is not recognized on the app or issue connecting with WiFi, you can prefer the first method. Otherwise, just use the mobile application.

Reset shark Ion Robot manually

  • Turn your Shark Ion vacuum upside down.
  • Find the POWER button
  • Press and hold down the POWER button for 10 seconds, and your Shark Robot will power off
  • Wait up to 10 seconds to get it automatically turns ON
  • If not turned ON, manually turn it on by simply pressing the POWER key
  • Your Shark Robot would be now reset to factory settings

Reset Via the SharkClean mobile app

In another way, restore Via the dedicated mobile app.

I hope you have already installed the SharkClean app on your mobile and connected your Robot.

  • Open the SharkClean mobile app
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Select and process the Factory Reset option
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the reset process

Be sure that the mobile app is up to date to enjoy all updated features.

Download for Android users —> [Link]

Download iOS users —-> [Link]

Important:- Do not perform the RESET process when the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum battery is out of charge. All indications of LED will be shut off when the battery is drained. If the indicator LED is dimmed or flashing means that you need to charge it.

In many models, there should be a BLUE LED indicator at the top of the Vacuum robot which shows the battery strength.


Is there any reset button on Shark Ion Robot Vacuum?

No! There is no dedicated RESET key, instead, we can use the POWER button to reset it. Press and hold down for 10 seconds minimum to reset the Vacuum.

How long will it take to complete the resetting process?

Don’t wait for hours, but it’ll complete the resetting in 2 – 3 minutes. Wait if it automatically turns ON when you use the POWER key as restoring method. If it is not turned ON in 2 minutes, switch ON manually. And check if the problem is solved or not.

What if my Shark Ion robot vacuum continues to have issues after resetting?

You have to check for any Shark software updates, clean the sensors (Because the dust particles accumulated may interrupt their functioning), or contact the support team.

Will resetting my Shark Ion robot vacuum delete any custom settings?

The answer is YES if you prefer the restoring option Via the application. The settings and customized options like mapping, schedules, WiFi network details, etc will be erased. You should set all of them again once you reset through the CharkClean app.

How to connect to Shark Robot Vacuum customer support?

If still, the issues are running even after resetting the device, I would recommend you contact the support team. They’ll diagnose the issue and will solve it as soon as possible.

For many customers, when their Shark Robots show complex issues in less time, they got replaced with their Vacuum.

Fortunately, they have a dedicated support team always eager to solve their precious customer’s problems.

You can either visit their troubleshooting forum or contact them directly.

Register your product on their site before contacting them. Or contact Robot Specific Support: 1-888-228-5531

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