How To Easily Fix DirecTV Error 775? (5 Solid Methods)

How to fix DirecTV error 775 in 2023

DirecTV has an error code system which is represented by numbers where users can easily identify the root cause and take troubleshooting actions accordingly. One of the common issues is DirecTV error 775.

The error codes are viewable on TV screens as a message only for DirecTV satellite TV viewers but not for their streaming TV customers.

What causes DirecTV error code 775?

The reason behind the DirecTV error code 775 is that there is an interruption between the Genie receiver and the satellite dish antenna. Your TV screen may show a frozen picture, and eventually, it will display a blank screen with an error message code 775.

How to fix DirecTV error 775?

Let’s see how can you solve the issue and won’t happen again.

Check all the cable connections

Since the Genie DVR receiver box can’t establish a connection with the dish, you should check if there is any loose connection with the receiver box. Unplug the cable that is connected to the box and coming from the dish.

I hope that your connection cables are not damaged and won’t interrupt the connection between them.

Then, connect it again firmly to the port. Restart your receiver to see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Once you make all the installations properly, error 775 will be fixed.

Wait till any storm or heavy wind pass

If you encounter error code 775 during heavy rain, storm, or windy conditions outside, please be patient and wait for the weather to improve. The issue will likely be automatically resolved once the adverse weather passes.

If the issue persists even after the storm passes, you should check whether any obstacles cover the outer surface of your dish antenna. During heavy winds, leaves, debris, or plastic wrappers may accumulate on the dish surface, causing signal interruptions.

You don’t need to check the dish alignment and positioning, because it will not cause the 775 error code.

Fix the access card misplacement

A small position change of the access card can cause the error message 775 on your DirecTV. An access card is a chip-installed card that can be inserted into your receiver box to recognize your DirecTV subscription.

To fix it in an effective way, remove the card from the socket. clean it if any dust particles are accumulated on the card, especially in the chip-connected portion. Then insert it back into the socket. start your receiver again and see the issue fixed.

Check the power inserter

The power inserter is a junction box you should use with your DirecTV receiver. I think all of the users will hide it behind the TV and won’t pay any attention to it once it is installed at the beginning.

Check DirecTV power inserter

Ensure that the power inserter sends power toward the dish, not the box, as it is a one-directional power flow. If it’s placed incorrectly, it may send power to the box, leaving the dish without power. If you are getting confused in dealing with the power inserter, seek help from DirecTV customer support.

Have you recently unplugged all the connections on the power inserter, a possibility that you may swap the connection cable? Check it then.

or, It may be accidentally unplugged from the power outlet or got any small but significant issue.

To check this, just unplug the SWIM power inserter from the power source. Wait for a or two minutes and re-connect. Hope this will fix the issue.

Replace the equipment

If you confirmed that there is an issue with the Genie receiver, power inserter, or SWM-enabled dish antenna, this could be checked with the help of an official DirecTV technician or dealer. Replace them and keep watching your favorite content without any issues.


These are tested and proven methods to fix the 775 error code issue with DirecTV. Have you tried and succeeded in any other methods? If yes, we are happy to add it to our tutorial. Just comment here on what you have done regarding this. ­čÖé

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